Roe Green Junior School Governing Board conduct the affairs of the school through the format of 3 interim and 3 main Governing Board meetings and have the terms of reference and a code of conduct approved by the Governors each year.

The Governing body of Roe Green Junior School works with the Head Teacher and staff to develop their School Development Plan. This plan recognises the ways in which we continue to maintain our high standards as well as identify ways in which to enhance the school facilities, environment and educational provision within existing budget restraints.

The Governing body is made up of volunteers who represent the parents, staff, local community and the local education authority. If you would like to find out more about the work of the Governing body please ask at the school office.

Chair of Governors

Mr Vijay Assani (July 2020 - June 2024)

Parent Governors (Elected by Parents on dates shown)

*Parent Governor - Vacancy

*Parent Governor - Vacancy

Staff Governors

Ms Melissa Loosemore (Headteacher)

Ms Jessica Ash (October 2018 - October 2022)

L.A. Representative - Nominated by L.A. Appointed by G.B

Mr Chetan Shah (May 2022 - May 2026)

Co-opted Governors - Appointed by G.B. on dates shown

Mr Vijay Assani - Chair of GB & Remote Learning (July 2020 - June 2024)

Mrs Kanta Mistry - Vice Chair of GB, SEND & Health & Safety (March 2019 - March 2023)

Mrs Shanta Assani - Chair of Finance, Pupil Premium & Safeguarding(September 2020 - September 2024)

Ms Bina Senghani (February 2021 - February 2025)

Ms Maegon Scott-Olima (May 2022 - May 2026)

Ms Ina Wang (May 2022 - May 2026)

Associate Members - Appointed by G.B. on dates shown

Appointed every four years by G.B. with voting rights only on Committee

Mrs Lucy Byrne - GB Committee (February 2023)

Mrs Brenda Robb - GB Committee & Finance Committee (February 2023)

*Associate Member - Vacancy


School Clerk

Ms Lynda Rees - CLERK (September 2016)


The term of office for all Governors is four years, apart from the Headteacher who serves for as long as in post. Associate Members are appointed every four years and the Clerk appointed annually. ​

Finance Committee

Ms Melissa Loosemore

Mrs Kanta Mistry

Mrs Shanta Assani

Ms Bina Senghani

Mr Chetan Shah

Ms Ina Wang

Mrs Brenda Robb

Pay Committee

Ms Melissa Loosemore

Mrs Kanta Mistry

Mrs Shanta Assani

Mr Chetan Shah

Ms Ina Wang

Responsible Governors

Mrs Shanta Assani - Safeguarding & Child Protection, Chair of Finance & Pupil Premium

Mrs Kanta Mistry - SEND & Health & Safety

Mr Vijay Assani​ & Mrs Kanta Mistry - Performance Management & Target Setting

A register of Governors’ Business & Personal Interests is maintained and updated annually.

Mr Vijay Assani has a Business Interest declared as he is a Non-Executive Director (Chair of Trust) at Westfield Academy Trust since July 2020.

Mrs Shanta Vassani has a personal interest declared as she is the wife of Vijay Assani (Chair of Governors).

One Relationship declared between Governors and school staff, Mr Chetan Shah (Governor) has a Sister in Law that teaches at RGJS.

Mr Vijay Assani is also serving on Governing Body at Westfield Academy Trust.