School Displays Summer

Summer displays around Roe Green Junior School to reflect learning across the school.


Curriculum Fortnight 2018

This year’s curriculum fortnight theme was “Just Imagine Take a Risk.” Each year group used a piece of music from BBC’s Ten pieces as their stimulus to create a variety of work across the curriculum. Emphasis was placed on collaborative learning to create artwork, a variety of writing genres including poetry, sculptures and performances. 

Year 3: Year three had a fun two weeks producing work around the song A Bao A Qu composed by Mason Bates. This song portrays the idea of mythical and mysterious creatures. With this in mind, 3R created work based on the fiery Phoenix from the skies of China, 3G focused on Tiddalick the greedy frog from the Australian Dreamtime, 3J discovered the incredible Bigfoot from the depths of the woods in America and 3S studied the spine-chilling Kraken from the dark waters of Greenland/ Norway.

Year 4: Our theme in Year 4 was inspired by the music Abdelazer-Rondeau composed by Henry Purcell in the 17th century. We studied historical events of this period – the plague, the building of St Paul’s Cathedral, theatre, fashion of the period and Baroque dances.

Year 5: During Curriculum Fortnight, Year 5 studied Finlandia, a song written by Jean Sibelius. The song is about the Finnish people overcoming their enemies and keeping their national identity. Our work centered around identity and what that means to us. In addition, the enemies in the song are often compared to a storm, so Year 5 also took the time to learn about storms, weather patterns and even wrote some poetry around the that theme.  

Year 6: Our theme in Year 6, inspired by Carmina Burana O Fortuna written by Carl Orff, was Justice, Equality and Rights. We learnt about both Human Rights and Children's rights and reflected on how, and if, these were being met across the world. We also thought about the events in our lives and considered whether it was fate or fortune which dictated our future.   

Year 5: This term we have learned to play the ukulele, the recorder and have been singing a song called “You Raise Me Up” by Josh Groban.

Year 6: Year 6 focused on the justice system, in particular youth and cyber crime. We have learnt about how we should conduct ourselves, and keep ourselves safe online. You can see our screen printed T-shirts show anti-cyber bullying messages and we have responded to common 'agony aunt' problems with clear, realistic advice. We read the Unicef book 'For Every Child' to learn about children's rights around the world and considered how children should be protected from harm. We have created our own pages of this book, using images that we feel convey the books important message. All of our learning will culminate in a visit to The Royal Courts of Justice at the end of June. 


School Displays Spring

Spring displays around Roe Green Junior School to reflect learning across the school.


School Displays Autumn

Autumn displays around Roe Green Junior School to reflect learning across the school.

Art Work

On 19th September, our talented Year 5 and 6 artists visited the Wallace Collection, a national museum and gallery set in an historic London town house. We explored the gallery and learnt about the story of Louis XVI of France. We made drawings which we applied to silk screens and created beautiful prints.


Curriculum Fortnight 2017

This year’s curriculum fortnight theme was “Knowing me, knowing you.” Across each year group, the pupils tackled different themes to better understand what makes us the person we are. They studied our different emotions, our brain function and developing a better understanding of our own well-being.

Year 3: Year three focused on the importance of a healthy mind as well as healthy body. We completed activities based around stress, eating healthily and recognising our differences as individuals and similarities as a group. 

Year 4: In Year 4 we made crafts from recycled materials to show an understanding of the importance of recycling and keeping the environment clean and tidy. We wanted to show that we love where we live.

Year 5: In Year 5, we looked at three key themes related to 'Knowing Me, Knowing You'. We discussed our physical selves; how our looks and emotions are shaped by our brain and our DNA. We also looked at different emotions we may feel and how we can manage them in a positive way. Finally, we examined aspects of our identity by focussing on our cultural heritage and gender.


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