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Below are statements the community have made about Roe Green Junior School. 

"Life has changed so much, yet interestingly some things remain the same. After the initial lockdown shock, and for somebody like me that works from home anyway, to now have hubby and my 2 boys home with me as well, it required some adjustment to say the least.
Our children are doing fantastic with the Roe Green ethos 'Be the best you can be' running through them. Welcome them back to school with open arms whenever all this is over and it's safe to do so." Mrs Panchani - Parent


"The two weeks, ending 20th November, that Year 5 were isolating really tested the strength of the school community. I wanted to congratulate you and commend your efforts on how wonderfully you managed the class. As I worked away at home I could often see and hear you guide him. Your communication showed tremendous care, consideration and love for the kids. I could not help but admire you. It is, indeed, a challenge to hold a class remotely."

  • The online lessons were conducted very professionally.

  • Attention was being given to the welfare of each and every child.

  • Co-ordination of teaching and guidance was excellent.

  • Children were really encouraged to be interactive.

Mr Bakrania -  Parent


"I just wanted to let you know we had a great time working with your students today. What a polite, respectful and intellectually curious bunch! The students worked so well and it was a delight to have them visit us here at the Wallace Collection. I hope they enjoyed themselves as much as we enjoyed having them visit." The Wallace Collection - Education Department Team


"Both my husband and I have been delighted with Roe Green as a school, the staff from management to the teachers and all the supporting staff have always been exceptional in our experience. My children formed strong friendships and lots of happy memories from the school and I sincerely wish the school all the best in the future." Mrs Ishtiaq - Parent

“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the teachers that have helped my daughter in her development. She has been successful in all the schools she applied for (Grammar) and that is down to her sheer hard work, a skill she acquired at Roe Green. She has blossomed into a thoughtful, intelligent young lady and it is all down to the school’s approach in developing young kids to their true potential. She has exceeded all our expectations and as a result, we are extremely grateful to you.” Mrs Rohilla - Parent

"Roe Green is a fantastic school that provides students with a solid educational platform in order to prepare them for high school. I was truly amazed and impressed with the students' knowledge and work that they had produced." Ms Khalil - PGCE Trainee Teacher

"I was on the Jubilee line train this afternoon when one of the classes from your school got on at Baker Street. I was a bit concerned as we all know what kids can be like but they were great - some were playing a game lead by a teacher to name stations starting with a letter of the alphabet and rest were just chatting excitedly as they should after a school trip. They were all so polite to everyone though. As a Kingsbury resident I think those kids were a credit to the school and my community and the teachers a shining example to their profession. Teachers and kids can get a bad press these days so please feel free to share this with them." Mr Carroll - Kingsbury Resident

"It was lovely to be asked so politely just now to throw a ball back over the fence by some friendly pupils in your playground. Especially at the end of a long term." Mr Cumbers - Associate Assistant Head Teacher (Kingsbury High School)

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