Welcome to Roe Green Junior School's Pupil Leadership page. This page is dedicated to our hard-working young boys and girls from Year 3-6 who are setting an example on a daily basis to fellow pupils, by being respectful to one another, helping fellow students with any problems and leading on important issues which affect our school and wider community.

Our School Council

Each class has 1 pupil Councillor who have been voted by fellow pupils at Roe Green Junior School making a body of 16 pupils. The main body is divided into 3 committees: Community & Communication, School Development and the Eco Team who work on projects specific to their committee.

Community & Communication

We get involved with the wider community and take on fundraising. We let parents, carers, teachers and pupils know what is going on at school.

  • 3R - Johan

  • 3S - Willow

  • 4R - Louie

  • 5R - Denis

  • 6S - Evelina

School Development

We help to keep the school a happy, safe and comfortable place.

  • 3G - Palaash

  • 4J - Sasha

  • 4S - Holly

  • 5G - Harshil

  • 6G - Sefora

Eco Team

We get involved with the green issues of our school and community. Our Eco Team will be made up of 6 School Councillors, it will also be made up of 6 previous Eco members.

  • 3J - Alexandra

  • 4G - Krish

  • 4J - Vanoj

  • 5R - Skye

  • 5J - Safiyah

  • 5S - Urvi

  • 6R - Laiqah

  • 6R - Nikki

  • 6R - Qasim

  • 6J - Alessandro

  • 6J - Elion

  • 6S - Teddy

Our Junior Traffic Ambassadors (JTA)

Our team of JTAs are made up of Year 5 pupils who applied for the post and were interviewed by Brent Road Safety Officer. Their role is to monitor the traffic and parking around the school to make it safe for all pupils and their families.

JTA Team

  • 6R - Preesha

  • 6R - Omar

  • 6R - Saad (Reserve)

  • 6G - Rayne

  • 6G - Dhruv

  • 6G - Mithil (Reserve)

  • 6J - Adelina

  • 6J- Rahul

  • 6J - Aayushi (Reserve)

  • 6S - Maisha

  • 6S - Abishan

  • 6S - Zainab

  • 6S - Keshav (Reserve)

Our website contains a wide variety of information and documents, if you would like a paper copy of any of these please contact the school office.