It is important that children attend school in the correct uniform as it's part of the school rules, in addition it's essential to set a good example for the children in the lower school (Infants).

It is advised that children do not wear expensive clothes or high value items such as jewellery to avoid it from being lost stolen or broken.


Due to financial difficulties arising from Covid-19, the minimum expectation is for all children to wear our school sweatshirt with the School Logo.

Roe Green's School full school uniform consists of the following if you wish to purchase:

School Uniform

  • Yellow Polo T-Shirt with logo (Boys & Girls)

  • Yellow Turtle Neck Long Sleeve Polo (Boys & Girls)

  • Green Sweatshirt with logo (Boys & Girls)

  • Green Cardigan with logo (Girls)

  • Green Tracksuit (Boys & Girls)

  • Grey or Black Trousers (Boys & Girls)

  • Grey Legging Bottoms (Girls)

  • Grey Shorts (Boys)

  • Grey or Black Skirts (Girls)

  • Yellow or Green Checked or Striped Dress (Girls)

  • Black or White Shoes or Trainers (Boys & Girls) 

P.E (Physical Education) Uniform

  • Yellow T-shirt with logo (Boys & Girls)

  • Green Shorts (Boys & Girls)

  • Green Tracksuit (Boys & Girls)

  • Black Trainers or Plimsolls (Boys & Girls)

Swimming Uniform

  • Suitable Swimming Costume (Boys & Girls)

  • Swimming Hat (Boys & Girls)

  • Towel (Boys & Girls)

Art & D.T. (Design Technology)

  • Apron (Boys & Girls)

  • Old Shirt (Boys & Girls)

Other Essential Clothing

  • A suitable coat with a hood attached for winter

  • Woolly Hat, Scarves and Gloves for winter

  • A suitable light coat and sun hat/cap for summer

All uniforms can be purchased from shops on Kingsbury High Road. Please ensure that all clothes are clearly marked with the students name and class.


Our website contains a wide variety of information and documents, if you would like a paper copy of any of these please contact the school office.