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The Middlesex County Council in 1927 purchased about 17¾ acres in Bacon Lane, North Kingsbury. A portion of this area was appropriated as a site for an elementary school and the remainder is being used for the new buildings of the Kingsbury County School together with a playing field. 
The School was built by Messrs. J. Laing & Son, Ltd. of Mill Hill, from plans prepared by the County Architect, Mr. W. T. Curtis, F.R.I.B.A. at a cost of approximately £17,500. 
The school was first open as Roe Green School on the 8th February 1932. On 11th September 1933 the junior and infant school separated to become Roe Green Infant School and Roe Green Junior School. The staff in the Junior school consisted of the Head Master, Mr. A. Johnson and ten assistant teachers.
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