Sports and PE Premium Expenditure Report 2020/21

Overview of Funding

The Government is providing additional funding of £320 million per annum to improve provision of physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools. This funding must be used for the development of the schools’ PE and sport but the way it is spent is chosen by the school.

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Overview of the School


  • Our school will make greater depth of provision for swimming across all year groups

  • Up-skill staff to improve the quality of provision

  • Use PE and sport as a platform to overcome pupils’ personal difficulties to improve their physical and social development

From a recent audit of PE and School Sport provision in response to the question: ‘What are the advantages of having a specialist on-site swimming instructor?’


Teachers say:

‘Having taught previous swimming sessions myself before the employment of a specialist swimming teacher I can see huge benefits for the children in terms of their learning and development within the water.’ (Year 4 teacher)
‘The way we organise our swimming is beneficial on two levels; as we split the class into two swimming groups, they have one-hour session swimming with a specialist swimming teacher and one-hour session of focused class teacher curriculum support.  The children have commented on how much they like having a smaller class size because they can get more done and they feel happier and more supported in this session’ (Year 3 teacher)

‘During Healthy Living Week, we invite a range of sport specialists to deliver short taster sessions to our pupils..“Because of their subject specialism, their motivation to promote additional sporting activities is high.  Consequently, our pupils have been exposed to a broader spectrum of sporting activities.  These have been instrumental in helping to engage particular groups of children”


Our previous two years sport premium funding has been used to benefit and develop our PE and swimming provision across the whole school.  Both staff and pupils report that the specialist support has been invaluable, achievement too has increased as has enjoyment and participation.  Our sport funding this year will be used to maintain this high quality provision for all.

Pupils say:

‘Swimming - it’s a life skill.  You can learn faster and get out of a situation if needed when you are in water.’ (Year 4 pupil)


‘The good thing about having C teaching us is that she is really good at swimming and it can be better than a ‘normal’ teacher teaching us.  We get extra training at school which helps us learn more quickly.’ (Year 4 pupil)
‘I feel more confident in the water now than I did when I first started in Year 3.  It’s great when we get to go swimming.’ (Year 6 pupil)
‘I didn’t get to go at my last school as it wasn’t my year groups’ turn.  Only one year got to go each year.  Since swimming here I’ve learnt a lot of new skills.  I can now float on the water and feel safer now I can float and swim across the pool.  I think I’ll be able to go around 30 metres without touching the floor soon.’ (Year 4 pupil)

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